Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Author of Think Free and Fair replies

Hi One Punch Inch,
I am grateful to any reader who take the time to read my long analysis on City Harvest. I feel even more grateful to have someone who not only read it thoroughly, but created a blog to write a long point-by-point rebuttal. For this, I am very grateful to you. I am indebted to reply you.
The thrust of my analysis lies in laying out the reasons for the immense wealth of City Harvest Church. Your response does not contradict my conclusion that City Harvest is a wonderful business. I am glad that a customer of City Harvest emphasize several times that his giving is out of free will. No business is sustainable if the customer is coerced to pay. He will pay once and that is the end. A good business is one with customers who keep paying for the services and still feel very happy about it.
A really excellent business is one in which customers not only pay but even defend it when it is under attack. You are an excellent example of such a fine customer. You have reinforced my belief that City Harvest has a very good business model because of great customers like you.
I could sense from your post that you benefited as a member of CHC. The decent thing to do then is to stay loyal to the church which you have demonstrated. A decent person should return favors and repay moral debts. However, repayment of moral debts should be fair. There is a perception among netizens that some CHC members are paying more to the church than to their own parents. This is totally out of line with our sense of fairness, Christians or non-Christians. If it is fine with you, I would like to hear from a CHC member on this issue. Thank you.

Hi think-free-and-fair,
I did find your blog interesting enough as you have taken some time off to do your analysis into the wealth of my church. 

I am glad you feel grateful as well. 

Like I explained earlier treat my blog as just the other side of the coin.

I am sure calling a church a business is a good thing or is there a negative connotation to it. To me if it maximized investments so as to do more with the money given, that’s just called being smart. Its in the Bible in the Parable of the Talents. When the congregation entrusts you with something, as a good steward you would take good care of it, maximize and do good with it. Simple.

We don’t mind defending something we have felt and seen the work. To us church is a family and we don’t ditch family in the midst of crisis. That’s basic value. People who are quick to judge will suffer the same, that’s what the Bible teaches us. 

Giving is out of free will and Netizens will be netizens. If there are unhappy members who felt cheated I understand but most of them who complain have not even donated a single cent to CHC in the first place but feels obliged to fight for the members who dont mind giving.

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